Iron Horse Builders Kent, CT

Iron Horse Builders is owned and operated by Guy Mauri, whose family has been building fine custom homes in New England, and the western states for two generations.

We will only build to the highest industry standards, creating heirloom quality homes with trademark features that set our projects apart from ordinary builders. Our projects are built to stand out, and our meticulous approach to every phase of construction means your investment will be long lasting, easy to maintain, and will appreciate in value over time.

IRON HORSE BUILDERS employs an environmentally sensitive approach to provide technologically advanced homes with renewable and reusable resources.
We build quality homes and accessory structures that we guarantee to endure, using products and techniques that are time-proven and unmatched in longevity.

Our management and craftsmen are so skilled that we stand behind everyone of our projects with an unlimited warranty three times longer than industry standards and AIA contract requirements.

Our collaborative and enthusiastic approach to building ensures that your expectations will be exceeded regardless of scope or size. We enjoy working with elemental building materials, including wood, stone and steel, but also integrate new and proven building technologies to deliver timeless classic homes for discerning 21st century home buyers.

Iron Horse Builders specializes in the finest custom building projects throughout New England. We emphasize Hand Crafted, Natural Based Building Practices as they apply to New Homes, Renovation and Remodeling projects, Barns, Outbuildings and Equestrian Facilities.


Wood, stone, and steel elements dominate our architecture. We are dedicated to the use of sustainable, reclaimed and reclaimable products. Our approach to building is unique, and our projects are designed to last many generations. We employ only the finest craftsmen and use hand selected materials of the highest quality.

Much of our reclaimed materials have already proven their structural and environmental soundness in past lives. The character these components bring to our projects is unmatched, and the value added easily outweighs the higher initial costs.

Our reclaimed materials are hand-selected by our suppliers for appearance and structural soundness. The result is a quality you can see and feel in all of our products.
Our background in architecture and interior design gives us a specialized and refined vision.
This enables us to bring traditional building styles into the 21st century by integrating inspirational elements from the now famous mid-century modern design movement and coupling them with state of the art, highly efficient, and environmentally sustainable products.

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